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It’s venue policy that the use of technology is prohibited at any time during the run of the show, especially cellphones.

A patron was sitting in his chair using his phone, so I politely go and ask him to put it away or use it in the lobby. He proceeds to throw a fit and yell at me for “not getting anyone else.” and that he’s just using it until the show starts again. Meanwhile, there are four people around him using his phone. They begin staring as I start to panic, I’m not used to a patron getting mad at me when they fail to abide by our policies. I manage to stutter out: “I’m sorry, sir, it’s policy. I just work here. I’m sorry if I offended you. But it’s p-policy. … Please enjoy the show.”

He thrusts his card at me and says, “use it as a reference.” I’m assuming this was a gesture of “fuck off.” He finally just huffs and puts away his phone. He then yells at me, “it’s away! Jesus.” I sigh and just walk away and ask others to put their phones away. They smile apologetically and say, “sorry!”

This man works at a mediocre rep theatre in the area, kind of a pompous asshole. So I gave his card to my manager, and he gave it to his manager. He’s sending him an email, but if I had my way, this man would be blacklisted from our shows. No one has the right to disrespect the venue and those who are tasked with protecting it.

  1. The rules are clearly posted all over our venue. “Please be sure that all electronic devices are off and remain off during the show.” There are multiple signs outside the house doors, it’s printed in bold on your program and even on your ticket! Not to mention the many house managers and ushers walking around the house asking multiple people to put their phones away. I’m sorry if you felt persecuted, but it’s not my fault you failed to recognize the regulations taking place around you.
  2. Sir, you are a guest in our house, thank you. But in our house, our rules. Please abide by them.
  3. It doesn’t matter who I attended to first. I asked you to put your phone away. Please just follow the rules. This is my job, not my joy.
  4. As a person who works in the theatre, I thought you would sympathize with the passion and courage it takes to uphold our policies.

I’m so disappointed in what I had to endure tonight. I almost wanted to cry after I was yelled at. I didn’t know that there would be people like this man in the world I so desperately want to work in. 

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How ya doin?

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ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

"lower pain pain"

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At first i thought this was hella dumb.

I still do. But it’s funny.

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